If great marketing has taught us anything it’s definitely be ‘UNCONVENTIONAL’ … in other words ‘think outside the box’ and that’s just what our ‘patch test party’ idea delivers.

We also know changing to a totally different brand can be quite a daunting task but we’re here to tell you “IT’S ALL IN YOUR HEAD”.

From the hundreds of salons which have already changed over from the new Wella Koleston ME+ to the world’s fastest growing colour range, Suprema Color, in just the past few months, none of them have experienced any issues with their new colour range, in fact they are all ‘loving it’ – and we have popped some reviews below just so they can tell you themselves.

The most challenging part most experience, is getting all their clients in a few days prior to their colour appointments to patch test them on the new product range. If they are coming in for a non-colour treatment then that’s usually a great opportunity to pop a little bit of dye behind the ear. If they live right next door to the salon then GREAT, job done. But (yeah we started a sentence with ‘but’) what should you do if your client doesn’t live right next door & they possibly have to travel 5, 10 or 15 miles to come in? (Actually one of our Suprema salon’s has a client that travels 1,319 miles from the beautiful city of Barcelona for her treatments, that’s dedication but rightly so our Charmaine is amazing!) and clearly you wouldn’t want or expect them to travel (or fly) all the way in just for a 30 second patch test. Just throwing it out there, another option you could look at is posting out a patch test kit (which Charmaine so cleverly thought of). The only & quite significant downside to that I suppose is you’re leaving it up to chance they do it (and do it right), also that could get pretty costly.

So we think you’ll like this. We have cleverly created the plan to host your salons very own ‘patch test party’ (any excuse to drink for the HDSS lot). This isn’t just a way to get all of your amazing clients in for you to scatter them with Suprema Color, although the fruity fragrance may tempt you. This is also an amazing opportunity for you to say a huge “THANK YOU” to your clients for their loyalty & customer. So that is why we suggest ‘the party’ – prosseco, cocktails, nibbles, DJ & even us to share knowledge on how amazing Suprema & the other FarmaVita ranges are. This makes your clients feel soooo appreciated & most importantly loved!

In summary, taking this approach not only ticks the box for patch testing, not only gets you talked about in a big way but it also cements the relationship even more with your clients that you appreciate them. So for the vegans out there, I’m going to use a different phase from the one which is commonly used …“you knock two cans over with one stone” 🙂


“I have used Wella for over 30 year, I also taught Wella as a college lecturer for 10 years so I know the range inside out but I have been BLOWN away with Suprema Color! The shine, the coverage, the condition, the tones are all AMAZING. I could not be happier”

Tracey C, Salon Owner, Bonitto Cabello

“We LOVE LOVE LOVE Suprema Color, the coverage is amazing & the tones are so cool you get no yellow or warmth, it’s what Wella have been missing”

Lauren C, Salon Owner

“Our salon profits are up! Suprema Color is perfect, they clearly don’t have the same huge overheads other big brands have with their customer service centres, marketing budgets & big conferences. So the price of the tube is less & they invest more into education & support which helps a small salon like us become successful. The range is great”

Pamela M, Salon Owner

“118 colours in the range gives us plenty of options & it allows us to be really creative. The team love it. The change over was no problem at all. We love the shine!”

Debbie, Salon Manager

Hair and Beauty Festival by The Glam Squad


Unless you have experienced a total black out, went into hiding, deleted social media or you have been trying so hard to avoid the latest buzz in the industry, then that should be the only reason you have not heard about the UK’s FIRST EVER Hair & Make-Up Festival coming to Glasgow.

GLAM SQUAD is just over 1 week away and if you haven’t got your tickets you better act FAST…
On August 4th THE GLAM SQUAD brings you a star studded, ALL DAY Hair & Make-Up festival in the famous SWG3…


• CELEB meet and greet – 

Among them is celebrity stylist to the stars Carl Bembridge and Helen Flanagan’s go-to hairdresser, Jay Birmingham.

Make-up artists Louise Lavery and teen phenomenon Rueben De Maid have also been confirmed, alongside global make up artist Lord Chyna.



• Watch your favourite insta stars getting glammed up by industry leaders 

• Celeb MUA masterclasses

• Celeb Hair masterclasses

• Celeb Q&A

• Shopping from your fav insta brands

• Al day festival with DJ, food drinks and dancing

• FREE GLAM STANDS to keep you topped up throughout the day



Are you ready to party with THE GLAM SQUAD?

If so grab the last few available tickets at EventBrite:


How to claim back HUNDREDS, possibly THOUSANDS if you’re a hairdresser

Have you ever wondered if you are paying too much tax? Are you taking advantage of EVERYTHING you could possibly be claiming back from the government? You may even be owed money!

We have teamed up with our industry leading accountants to bring you ‘hot tips’ on how you can save & what you can claim back.


Hairdressers & beauticians this is the stuff they don’t teach you at school & they definitely don’t tell you this when setting up a business – whether opening a salon, renting a chair or going mobile. We have partnered with our friends at Accuracy Accounting to bring you the ‘hidden secrets’ that will help you SAVE MONEY on what you pay to Her Majesty.

Now we are not by any stretch of the imagination advising you avoid paying taxes – after all it goes to great causes such as our NHS, Schooling, care homes & much more. But are there things you are possibly missing out on? Benefits which you are entitled to as a hard working tax payer? Yes there is and we want to help you keep what you work extremely hard for.

“We want to help you keep what you work extremely hard for … £”


So here goes, take it away Accuracy ….

Thank you HDS Scotland, it’s a privilege to have the opportunity to create more awareness around what self-employed hairdressers & beauticians could potentially save on & claim back. Here’s a look at what we will be covering::

  • Chair Fees
  • Travel Expenses
  • Materials and Equipment
  • Clothing
  • Training
  • Marketing and Advertising
  • Insurance
  • Utilities
  • Professional Expenses
  • Stationery, Postage and other Admin Costs
  • Accountants Fees



Chair Fees

Many self employed hairdressers rent a chair in a salon from which they work instead of being employed directly by a manager. Those who do it will appreciate the flexibility of being able to choose their working hours and enjoy all the benefits of being able to see clients in a central location whilst not having the commitment of renting or buying premises.

Chair fees can be one of the biggest expenses that hairdressers have, so not claiming them could be costing you a fortune in unnecessary tax every year. Keep records of how much you are paying and make sure that you account for all the money that passes through your business, including your income and your outgoings.

If you have an agreement with a salon owner whereby you pay out a percentage of your takings in salon fees, then your monthly or weekly costs may vary, so it will be even more important to keep accurate records. But claiming your chair fees as expenses against your tax bill will mean that it is more than worth the effort as you could make significant savings.

Travel Expenses

If you need to travel for work, then you will be able to claim certain travel expenses against your profits on your tax return. There are a number of different methods of travel which can be claimed against tax. Public transport, driving your own car and even travelling as a passenger in someone else’s car all count as travel expenses, so long as you are only including travel which is undertaken for work purposes. This could include visiting clients, getting to and from a place of work where you have a longstanding arrangement, travel to training events, even to the bank to deposit your takings or the most common run to a local high street supplier (but you don’t have to do what any more, right Hairdressing Supplies Scotland)

It is important to ensure that you are not claiming for travel which is not solely for the purpose of work, so try to keep records of what you do and when, to ensure that you are not mixing your business and personal expenses. Some people find that having separate bank accounts for all their business outgoings can help to minimise the cross-over between the two, as well as keeping a notebook in the car and getting into the habit of writing down your mileage when you travel for work.

For car journeys, you can claim back a set amount per mile, which is easier that working out the costs of wear and tear, fuel, insurance and other expenses individually. For the first 10,000 miles travelled in a year you can claim 45 pence per mile. If you travel further than that then you can claim 25 pence per mile for each additional mile travelled beyond the initial 10,000. If you use a motorcycle for work purposes then you can claim 24 pence per mile for your total mileage over the course of the year.

There is a space for your expenses on your self assessment tax return, and when you add in your travel costs it will automatically reduce your total tax bill by the appropriate sum. Whilst you won’t need to submit the proof of your expenses when you complete your tax return, it is worth keeping hold of tickets and receipts in case you are ever asked to produce them.

There are a number of additional travel expenses which can be claimed on your tax return, including tolls and parking fees. However, there are certain things that you cannot claim for, namely any parking or speeding fines you incur in the course of travelling for your work.

Materials and equipment

Any hairdresser will know how important it is to have the right tools of the trade. From basics, such scissors, shampoo and a hairdryer, to more specialised colouring and styling equipment, it can all be included as expenses on your tax return.

Self employed hairdressers often have a lot of their own equipment to allow them to offer as many treatments and options to their clients, but this can be quite an outlay if you’re keen to offer a range of products and have a good supply of everything your clients might want. You can deduct all these costs from your total income for everything including perm lotion, colours, foils, shampoo, conditioner, rollers, razors, combs and anything else that you use in the course of your work.

If you pay to repair, replace or upgrade an item such as hair straighteners or clippers then you can include the cost of this on your tax return as well.  Whenever you spend money on hair care products or equipment, make a note and keep receipts or invoices for your records. It is also a good idea for you to have an idea of how much you spend on these items so that you can take into account your costs when you set your prices.


If you work in a salon, then you may wear a uniform when you are there and if you have to supply this yourself then you will be able to claim back the costs as a business expense. You can also claim for any protective clothing that you have to purchase for work such as aprons and gloves.

You can also claim back the cost of laundering your uniform (as well as any other work-related laundry you may have such as towels and capes), but unless you use a launderette it might seem overly complex to work out how much this costs. However, there are guides that can give you an idea of how much you can reasonably claim on your tax return, and HMRC recommend using the nationally agreed flat rate of £60 if you are unable to calculate the exact amount easily.

You cannot claim for any ordinary clothing that you wear underneath your uniform or when you are working somewhere where one is not required.


Keeping your skills up to date and learning new ones is a vital part of being a self employed hairdresser, so if you attend any training or complete any courses that are directly related to the running of your business then these are also deductible.

You can learn from the masters at some of the most popular salons in the country, attend evening classes to learn more about styling, colouring or dealing with different types of hair, or attend one off events designed to help you offer the best to your clients. There are a number of qualifications available, so you can choose from a range of courses depending on what interests you and what you think your clients want.

Keeping track of these expenses should be a simple case of keeping receipts and making a note of when the training occurred. You can also deduct the costs of travel and accommodation where necessary, so keep your receipts or tickets if the location of your training course and make a note of your mileage if you travel by car.

Marketing and Advertising

In a world where so much business is done online, it is very likely that you will want to have some kind of presence on the internet when you work for yourself. Even if you set up a simple page on Facebook or another social networking site, making sure that people can find you and contact you will definitely increase your potential client base.

If you choose to have a website of your own to showcase your work and let people know about yourself, then you can deduct the costs of running it from your profits on your tax return. Hosting, domain name registration and maintenance all cost money which is deductible against your income.

If you use any online advertising where you have to pay for the service, then you can deduct this as well. Allowable expenses include advertising on the search engines such as Google, posting ads on social networking sites and maintaining an email contact list and sending out information to your existing clients.

You can also deduct the cost of any offline advertising, from postcards in your local shop to advertising in trade magazines or local directories. If you spend any money promoting your business to attract more clients, then you can claim this back as well.


Anyone who works with the public will need insurance and hairdressing is no exception – although it is not compulsory, it is always best to make sure you are covered to ensure that you aren’t left footing the bill if anything happens, and you can deduct the cost of your insurance against tax.

Most hairdressers work with hazardous chemicals, sharp objects and electrical equipment, meaning that they need to be covered for any accidents which could result in either themselves or their client being injured. Making sure that you are covered in case you are unable to work, for any ongoing treatment you may need or in case someone else is injured in the course of your work is generally recommended.

Some trade associations offer reduced rates of insurance and some specialist insurers will have policies which suit any specific requirements you may have, so you should be able to find a suitable policy for your needs. You should keep the details of your policy somewhere safe anyway, but these documents will also come in handy if you need to prove your expenses at any point.


If you use your phone for business then you can claim the costs of this against your tax bill. Some people prefer to have a separate line for their business or two mobiles to enable them to keep work calls distinct from personal ones.

Line rental, call charges and internet are all included, but you will either need to keep everything separate or work out what proportion of your usage is for work and what proportion for personal use and only claim accordingly. If you use your home phone line for business a third of the time, then you can claim for a third of the bill for calls and a third of the line rental as well.

Similarly, if you work out how much of your total internet use is for business purposes, then you can claim this proportion on your tax return. This could include updating your website, answering emails, conducting research or doing anything else to do with your business.

For hairdressers who actually operate from their home, it is also possible to deduct the costs of heating, lighting and water proportionate to the total amount used in the household. You may need to scrutinise your bills a bit to work out how to work out a realistic sum, but once you have done it you can use the same calculation every year, unless your circumstances change significantly.

Professional Expenses

If you spend money on membership of a professional body such as the National Hairdressers’ Federation or choose to register with an institute such as the Hairdressing Council, then the fees or subscription costs can be included in your expenses so long as they are approved by HMRC.

You can also claim back expenses such as magazine subscriptions for trade magazines, so if you use any in the course of your work, you can add these to your expenses.

Stationery, Postage and other Admin Costs

Keeping track of your expenses is much easier if you are organised about your administration. Setting aside an area for your business paperwork is a good idea and can help you to keep your records in order.

If you need stationery, use postage stamps or have any other costs relating to keeping your accounts in order, then these can be included as expenses on your tax return. You can include things such as printer cartridges, paper, envelopes and any printed material that you have made such as business cards and fliers.

Accountancy Fees

Many self employed hairdressers decide to use an accountant to help manage their business finances, and it’s even possible to include the cost of their fees as a deduction. They can help you to identify any expenses that you might have missed and be able to offer advice on your specific situation, so using an accountant could save you plenty of money.

Your accountant will also be able to offer you advice on how to reduce your tax bills long term, and how to structure your business to maximise your profits. For instance if you choose to register as a Limited company then you could benefit from tax planning opportunities which could help you trim your annual bill, and an accountant will help you to decide whether it is the right option for you.

If you do decide to use an accountant, then they will no doubt remind you that their fees are deductible, but it is worth knowing so you can factor it in when calculating your expenses.

Any self employed worker will know that it is important to put aside a proportion of their income to cover their tax and National Insurance bills, but with a little work keeping records throughout the year you can make sure these are as low as possible.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

So there you have it, that just about covers it. There is obviously more to learn about keeping on top of your business finances but we are here to help. If you ever need any advice please do not hesitate to contact Kieran at Hairdressing Supplies Scotland or the team at Accuracy Accounting.

We hope this helps. And well done HDSS for searching for this information.



Accuracy Accountancy”

Professional Hairdressing Scissors

hairdressing scissors

We all know that a pair of high-quality professional hairdressing scissors are a hairdresser’s best friend, and with that said many stylists have several pairs of scissors for different types of cutting. This can make the decision hard when it comes down to buying the perfect pair.

Not to fear, we have teamed up with Scissor Tech to provide you with the best of the best. Although there are many factors to consider when buying your hair tools, we’ve provided some tips for you to help make the best decision.


Comfort is one of the biggest factors that you should consider when purchasing a new pair of hair scissors. As you will know, Hairdressers spend all of their days working with them, and the constant movement of your wrist and fingers can cause aches and pains.

Our Advice;

Pick scissors that are designed with a comfortable grip so that they are not putting too much pressure on your hands. We offer professional tools from trusted brands such as Matsui, Jaguar and Yasaka that are made with ergonomic handles to reduce the tension on your wrist and fingers.


You don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. We offer different types of hairdressing scissors with a comfortable grip and a variety of gorgeous finishes to complement your personality. Pick from a wide range of finishes such as classic steel, rose gold, matte black, rainbow chrome and pink!

Our personal favourite’s are the Diva Scissors.


The type of steel you choose for your hairdressing scissors can make all the difference in durability. Not to worry, we carry professional hairdressing supplies that are made with the highest quality steels in the world.  Scissor Tech are made with Japanese and German steels so that you can rest assured knowing that your investment will last you a long, long time with proper care and usage.

Left-Handed Scissors

If you’re left handed, then you’ll know that you need professional hairdressing scissors that are specially designed for you. Using a regular pair of scissors won’t give you the best control and precision you need when cutting hair. You need proper left-handed hairdressing scissors with the blades reversed so that the top blade is on the left to help you see your cutting line more clearly. Check out our range of left-handed hairdressing scissors here.

Swivel Scissors

For ultimate comfort in hairdressing scissors, swivel scissors are the best choice for you! They have a rotating thumb ring, which provides more comfort and relieves the pressure of your hands, back and shoulders. With comfortable grip handles and different types of angles available, your hands will be thanking you later for switching to swivel scissors!

Texturizing Scissors

Thinner scissors have teeth or notches on one side, while the other side is a smooth blade. They are great for texturising and adding more volume to the hair. We sell the best thinner scissors which are also available in right-handed and left-handed models to suit all needs.

The Matsui Swarovski Elegance Scissor & Thinner combo is gorgeous, not to mention amazing value for money!

Introducing Suprema Color

Here at Hairdressing Supplies Scotland, we love to bring you the most up to date and innovative products in the hair industry. Today’s brand spotlight focuses on a hair colour range exclusive to us here in Scotland – Suprema Color.

What is Suprema Color?

Suprema Color is a professional hair colouring cream produced by Farmavita in Milan, Italy and is currently trending as one of the most used hair colour ranges in Italy, Portugal, Argentina and Brazil.

Thanks to it’s high quality ingredients, conditioning creamy base, and exclusive oil complex, Suprema Color provides 100% grey coverage and guarantees intense, luminous and vibrant results for your clients.

What are the benefit’s of Suprema Color?

  • 100% grey coverage
  • 106 shades plus 12 Mineral Shadows shades
  • cool undertones
  • fruity fragrance
  • can be used as permanent & semi-permanent colour
  • provides intense, luminous and vibrant results
  • creamy base rich is conditioning properties
  • exclusive oil complex

suprema color before and aftersuprema color before and after


How does Suprema Color work?

Suprema Color can be used as a permanent colour, semi permanent colour and toner using shades from the Mineral Shadows Collection.

Permanent Hair Colour;

  1. Mix 1:1,5 with 20, 30 & 40 volumes.
  2. Mix 1:2 with 40 vol for super-bleaching.
  3. Mix 1:1 with 20, 30 & 40 volumes for a more intense colour.

Semi-Permanent Hair Colour;

  1. Mix 1:2 with 10 volume.

Mineral Shadows Collection

  1. Toning – Mix 1:1 with 10 volume developer
  2. The following colours from the Mineral Shadows Collection can be used as Permanent colour mixing 1:1,5 with 20, 30 % 40 volumes; 

    6.12 – 8.12 – 10.12 – 10.11 – 7.72 – 9.72 – 10.72

Discover these creative colour looks created with Suprema Color….


Create icy blonde looks using shades 912 & 10.102

Create gorgeous pastel hair colour with the Mineral Shadows Collection

created using Mineral Shadows in shade PINK

created using Mineral Shadows in shade 10.11

Glossy, vibrant results every time!